Soul To Sole


Spa package treatments in Brighton and Hove

Experience a 30 min energizing and stress relieving Thai Foot massage Ritual and a 60 min massage of your choice. Enjoy a herbal tea before selecting one of our massages. Plus, add sauna for £30.

You can choose from the following massage therapies:

Head, Back and Shoulder Massage

A head, back and shoulder massage relieves the tension in your back, shoulders and neck by focusing on your energy lines where knots form.

Incredibly relaxing, this type of massage also improves flexibility and clears blockages in your energy channels to increase the flow of blood and oxygen around the upper body.

Thai Oil Massage

A Thai oil massage combines Thai and Swedish massage techniques to promote serenity and a sense of well being.

Aromatic oil is firmly applied over your body in blissful and synchronized waves. A Thai oil massage can be used to relieve muscle tension as well as encourage relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage focuses on the different layers of tissue, working to relax, lengthen and release strain patterns within them, so that the body posture can realign itself.

This type of massage focuses on key areas of tension and works them to relieve pain and increase vitality.


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