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Brighton Massage Therapies

Massage Brighton and HoveWhether you are a visitor to the city, or live and work in its seaside hustle and bustle, getting a massage in Brighton and Hove is always an indulgent treat. By choosing to receive your therapy with Little Jasmine Therapies, you will also ensure that your day of comfort and relaxation stays at a price which won’t break the bank.

Speak with us on the phone or send us an email to discuss possible treatments for you or a loved one today, or explore the treatments and services we offer to find your ideal massage therapy.

Our Massage Therapy Services

We take delight in offering the largest, most complete selection of massage procedures for our customers. We have years of experience in blending together Swedish and Asian massage techniques in order to deliver a perfect balance of relaxation, energy replenishment and healing.

Every treatment available in our services will be provided by a fully qualified massage therapist, who can also provide deep tissue and sports massages as necessary. These massages ease tension in your muscles, relieve pain and increase your vitality, rejuvenating you as much as a deep breath of fresh air and keeping you as well-rested as a good night’s sleep.

Why Come to Us for a Massage in Brighton and Hove?

couples massage therapy in Brighton and Hove

For us, massage therapies are not just a business, they are also an art form that we seek to make unique with every customer who comes to us. Every treatment we provide is adapted to your individual needs and concerns, whether you have been searching for a deep tissue massage to relieve pain or know that a Thai aromatic massage will help you to let go of the worries and stress of everyday life. We’ll do this using the most effective products and techniques available, too, so you’ll always receive the highest quality care from start to finish.

After Your Treatment

Men massage in Brighton and HoveOnce your massage therapy session has finished, it is highly recommended that you give yourself time to recuperate and fully rest before you jump back into exercise or strenuous activity. Taking a warm bath with Epsom salt or a shower (if a bath isn’t available) when you get home is widely encouraged to help with this, as is having a nap or simply reclining and passing the time with a good book or your favourite television programme. We would also suggest that you rehydrate with plenty of water, and eat a light meal or healthy snack to refuel.

It’s important to remember that as your body relaxes, it’s completely natural for it to release any buildup of emotions that you have been holding onto. You may feel the need to cry, which is more than alright and should be allowed to happen. You’ll appreciate it once it has.

It’s also important to note that while feeling slightly sore the day after a massage is normal, feeling pain several days after you’ve had your treatment is not. If you are in long-lasting discomfort after a session, please get in touch with us and let us know. We take pride in our work and we want our customers to have the most therapeutic experience possible, so we will modify our treatments to best suit your needs.

Our Locations

Massage and beauty salon in BrightonWhether you are in need of a pampering session after the trials and stress of your day-to-day life, would like to take away the aches and pains that you’ve suffered ever since straining yourself while playing sports, or have an idea to treat a loved one to something new with a hot stone massage, Little Jasmine Therapies will be waiting for you.

The perfectly relaxing massage that serves all your needs could be readily carried out in one of our treatment rooms, either in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine or Hove’s George Street. We are easily accessible from locations across Brighton and Hove and have customers visiting us from Seven Dials to Kemptown to Saltdean.

All our locations offer their own calm oasis nestled in amongst the busy shops and cafes, offering you a quiet space to recharge before you go back out into the world.

Book Online or Speak With Us Today

Below, we have provided a more comprehensive list of the massage treatments we will give, alongside the prices you can expect for sessions of a particular length. Browse through our therapies, select the one which you know will be just right to remove the aches in your muscles and book it online today.

Alternatively, you can also give us a call to discuss which massage therapy will be best for you. Our friendly staff are always happy to help you choose the treatment which will see your tensions released and your stress ebbing away.