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Spa in BrightonSpa Deals, Packages and Treatments by Little Jasmine in Brighton & Hove

We understand how chaotic life can become, which is why we at Little Jasmine Therapies dedicate ourselves to providing massages and beauty treatments as luxurious relief from the stress and frustrations that come with everyday living. In our spas in Brighton and Hove, you will find everything you need to ease the tension in your muscles and the worries in your mind, at a price which is kept suitable for your budget.

If you know you are in need of a relaxing day in an oasis in the heart of a beautiful, vibrant city, then we are here to offer you all the services you’ve been dreaming about. Speak with one of our members of staff by calling our number if you wish to discuss spa breaks for a day, or book a treatment (or several) online after you have browsed some more to find your ideal indulgence.

Our Luxury Spa Massage Therapies

Spa massage in Brighton and HoveWe are happy to offer our customers a wonderful variety of soothing, stress-reducing massage procedures from both Eastern tradition and Western practices. Our therapists have all had years of experience in blending these techniques to create a truly unique experience for everyone who walks through our doors, while achieving the perfect balance of relaxation, energy replenishment and healing.

Every massage we provide will be delivered by a fully qualified therapist, who will also be ready and prepared to administer deep tissue and sports massages upon request. These treatments are designed to ease muscle tension, relieve you of any pain and give a boost to your vitality. You may walk out of our treatment rooms feeling as rested and rejuvenated as if you had just woken from a good night’s sleep, and had taken your first breath of fresh air outside on a cool, crisp morning.

To learn more about the massage therapies we will be glad to provide for you and promote good health, please see our page.

Our Pampering Spa Beauty Treatments

Spa Days in Brighton & Hove by Little Jasmine TherapiesWe understand that you may have a busy schedule; many do right here in the heart of our seaside city! We don’t wish to keep you when the rest of your day just can’t wait, either, so we have provided a solution: our gorgeous selection of beauty treatments can be divided into classic, luxury and express procedures. These options allow you the opportunity to decide if you would like to achieve a natural, radiant glow in your skin with a swift facial, or need a little more time to decide on the colour you would like for your nails.

Each of our treatments will be provided for you by a trained beautician, with all the experience necessary to transform your appearance and make you the best version of yourself. Whether you’re going out with friends, dressing to impress for a job interview, or have a hot date planned that you really want to go well, our team will be there to assist.

For more information about our available beauty treatments, please take a look at our page.

Why Visit Us for Spa Treatments in Brighton and Hove?

Our aim here at Little Jasmine Therapies is not just to run our business; it is also to create an exclusive experience for each of our clients through the art of massage therapy and a host of specialist beauty treatments. Your experience in our treatment rooms and salons will be finely tailored to your individual needs, no matter what you require from us, and ensuring that every worry is met by alleviation and relief.

With a combination of the most effective practised techniques and superior quality products, we can ensure that your time with us is spent in complete relaxation. You may also rest assured that you will receive the care and attention you deserve.

Our Packages and Spa Deals in Brighton and Hove

We take delight in offering everything we can to our customers, from absolutely divine spa package deals, to pamper parties for friend groups, birthdays and hen nights taking place in your very own home. Our promotions and special offers can even carry you forward to your next session with us. So, if you are intrigued by the notion of having that facial you’ve been planning for free, would like a nail treatment of your choice for the same, or cannot stop thinking about the next time you’ll be able to use our sauna, explore the list of offers we have available.

After Your Massage or Beauty Therapy Session

Spa Brighton We care about taking care of you and your health. This is why we are always prepared to offer advice on what should be done once you have finished your session at any Little Jasmine spa in Brighton and Hove. The best course of action after you have received a massage is always to rest and recuperate, while refraining from strenuous activity and exercise. Taking time for yourself and curling up to watch television, read a book or even to simply sit and stare is highly recommended. Eating a light meal or healthy snack should also help to replenish your energy.

If you have spent time in our sauna, we must also suggest that you refrain from going back in for a while, while avoiding home products if you’ve had one of our Siamese glow body scrubs. Taking some time away from harsh sunlight will also help to protect your skin.

As part of our commitment to promoting good health, we must also note that while it is normal for you to feel a little bit sore after you have had a massage, you should not feel pain several days after your session. If this should happen, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would like to know because we take pride in our services, and we will be able to learn from this. Moving forward, we will then be able to offer the deeply relaxing, therapeutic session which best suits your needs.

Our Treatment Rooms

Day Spa HoveLittle Jasmine Therapies will always be available to you, in three separate but equally special locations across Brighton and Hove. No matter if you have been searching for a spa that can offer you a tranquil retreat away from the stress and strain of daily life, or have been intending to offer this experience as a gift to someone you love, our services may be just what you need. Discover just how we assist you in relieving stress and making aches in your muscles disappear in any of our treatment rooms, from Hove’s George Street to Brighton’s North Laine. You may even consider taking a look at our new space on Gardner Street, at Simply Urban.

Each of our locations is easily accessible from anywhere in the city, and you will always be welcome when you arrive. To turn the day into a full treat, you may even consider having something sweet, a light lunch, or doing a spot of retail therapy, as each of our locations also offers close access to a large selection of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Speak With Us and Book Your Spa Indulgence Today

Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa in Brighton and HoveConsider the treatments we can bring to you in any of our spas in Brighton and Hove, before picking out the one that you know will make the day perfect. Whether you are looking to indulge yourself with some stunning new nail polish after a professional manicure, are melting at the very idea of hot stone therapy, or owe your best friend a spa day out for two with classic facial treatments and massages of your choice, we will be happy to provide it for you.

Book one of our indulgent spa treatments today if you know you are ready for much-deserved relaxation or speak with one of our members of staff on the phone if you are not sure which treatment will suit you best. We are all friendly here at Little Jasmine Therapies and we will be delighted to assist, before welcoming you to one of our treatment rooms for an experience you’ll never forget.