Couples/Duo Thai Oil Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins - £140
90 mins - £210

Couples / Duo Thai Oil Deep Tissue Massage in Brighton

(Prices are for two people)

Enjoy a Deep Tissue Massage with your friends or loved ones.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the different layers of tissue (muscle, tendons and fascia), working to relax, lengthen and release strain patterns within them, so that the body posture can realign itself.

Physical and emotional traumas can tighten and stiffen these tissues. When this happens, the body moves out of a state of natural alignment and loses its flexibility and gravitational balance.
Working deeply does not necessarily mean applying lots of pressure to the body. A light touch can also affect the body/mind very deeply. The techniques used in deep tissue massage are also applied more slowly; this is to avoid causing the recipient any pain when working deeply into the muscle and connective tissue, as well as to allow the nervous system to integrate the work.

A deep tissue massage treatment does not usually involve working on the whole body, but focuses on particular areas of the body which are presenting patterns of strain. So the whole treatment might focus on the legs and pelvis, shoulder girdle or neck, depending on where the strain patterns are evident. Releasing these areas of strain will have effects throughout the body.


  • Releases deep muscular tension
  • Realigns muscles and fascia
  • Improves posture and breaks poor postural habits
  • Clears energy pathways within the body
  • Releases emotional tension
  • Relieves pain and increases vitality

Finally, pamper yourself with a sauna session in our Brighton or Hove treatment spas at an extra fee or as part of a spa package. For this service booking in advance is required.

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