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Thai massage in Brighton and Hove

The Insight City News

Brighton teacher brings lazy man’s yoga from Thailand “Not another type of massage treatment in Brighton!” you might well cry. But this is no ordinary massage. No, really. Thai Yoga massage is an ancient healing art that began its life thousands of years ago and has its roots in the traditions of Hatha yoga.

The treatment is applied in a meditative way along important acupressure points of the body. It doesn’t just stretch the muscles it works the body energetically, improving the flow of energy along key pathways linking our chakras, some people call it lazy man’s yoga, but you don’t need to be flexible to do it because we can use props to help you. It’s suitable for people of all ages.

Thai Yoga Massage was founded over 2,500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Baccha – a physician from Northern India and a friend of the Buddha. The massage traveled with the spread of Buddhism, gaining influences from Chinese medical knowledge. When Buddhist monks and nuns migrated to Thailand, they took the massage with them and used it as a means of preparing the mind for meditation and healing the body. It is still practiced in temples in this way today.

The treatment helps to balance the body’s energy system by combining stretches and acupressure on 10 main energy lines, or ‘Sen’. The resulting free flow of energy helps to increase flexibility and mobility, stimulate the internal organs, relieve muscular and joint tension, enhance circulation and disperse toxins. It’s like the physical application of Metta, or loving kindness, and it’s performed when the practitioner is in a meditative state for maximum benefit.

~ The Insight City News, 2006

Wave Magazine, Brighton:

Thai massage articles : Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of massage that’s been evolved to help the body maintain a free flow of energy by working to release blockages within the energy system. It’s also incredibly relaxing.

Pressure is applied through light clothing while the body is worked through a sequence of gentle yoga-based stretches.

A member of the Wave team who attended a session with qualified holistic practitioner Jane returned to the office feeling suitably enthused and bliss-ed out.

What is particularly appealing about this therapy is that there is almost no effort on the part of the client, because it’s the practitioner who settles the body into the necessary poses. This makes it ideal for people with limited flexibility, or just those who want to feel utterly pampered.

~ Wave Magazine, 2006

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