Spa Day in Brighton and Hove – Sumptuous Packages Available

Spa day in Brighton and HoveLife in the UK can often be stressful, and there is no better way to relieve yourself of this stress than by taking time out for pampering and relaxation. A spa day in Brighton and Hove is an exquisite treat which covers this perfectly, and by booking your session with Little Jasmine Therapies, you’ll also be ensuring that your day remains suitable for your budget.

Whether you live and work in the area, or are just visiting its beautiful coastal views for the day, there is no better place for a spa day than Brighton and Hove. Speak with us on the phone or send us an email to discuss single or couples’ spa package treatments, or discover our range of treatments for yourself below.

Our Luxurious Spa Package Treatments for Your Day

We offer a range of irresistible package treatments that combine Eastern tradition and practices developed in the Western world, indulging your every sense with techniques from around the world, while you remain in place in our Brighton treatment and relaxation rooms. Whether you have come to us for some quiet alone time, intending to melt away your misgivings with a massage, or intend to gift a friend or partner a tranquil day for two, our packages will provide the spa day you have been dreaming about.

Our Absolute Spa Treatments

These treatments For Her, For Him, or for a Mum-to-Be at any stage of pregnancy are each designed to build and maintain the balance, health and vitality of the skin. This will be achieved through an invigorating, de-stressing head, back and shoulder massage, followed by mini manicures and pedicures and concluding with a classic facial if you have chosen the For Her or For Him treatment. If you have chosen our pregnancy treatment, it will be concluded by a classic pedicure.

Our FAR Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna BrightonThis treatment session may be added to any of our other spa offerings, removing toxins and mineral waste through your skin. This also allows you to burn calories, providing the same benefits as hearty exercise. You can even turn this into a bonding treatment for two, as our cabin is designed to comfortably fit couples.

Heavenly Spa Experience

This treatment offers you a full-body experience, beginning with a session in our sauna and a Siamese body glow scrub and shower, before taking you through a Thai foot massage ritual and Four Hands massage. The spa day will then conclude with a classic facial treatment.

Top to Toe Ritual

You couldn’t ask for a deeper, more relaxing spa package than this. Beginning in the sauna before moving on to a Siamese body glow scrub and shower, this ritual will then take you through a full Thai oil body massage and aromatic session. You may choose to add essential oils or deep tissue massages as well, before achieving complete relaxation with a Thai foot massage.

This spa day package will also be concluded with a facial treatment.

Thai Harmony Spa Day

This package is perfect for ebbing away stress and releasing muscle tension that’s putting a strain on your body. Beginning in our sauna and following a Siamese body scrub and shower, you will be treated to a Thai Fusion massage therapy. This combines hot stones, deep tissue massages and yoga stretching, before finishing the spa day with a Thai foot massage.

Eastern Tranquility

Spa day in Brighton, relaxThis cleansing foot bath is followed by a Siamese glow body scrub and wrap, before you’re indulged with a speciality facial treatment and Elemis Frangipani massage.

Drift Away

This mood-enhancing massage session will be chosen completely by you, before moving on to a luxury facial treatment and concluding with a foot bath and spot of herbal tea.

Soul to Sole

This Thai foot massage ritual can be quickly followed by another massage technique of your choice. You will also be able to enjoy a herbal tea before you make your decision.

To learn more about what each of these spa day treatments can offer you, please see our page on spa and ritual packages.

Our Pamper Parties

Pamper yourself with a spa day in Brighton and HoveWe all know that a big occasion deserves to be celebrated to its fullest, so if you know that your best friend’s birthday will soon be arriving, or you’re the maid of honour at your sister’s wedding and want to make her hen party just that little bit more special, then why not consider throwing a spa day pamper party? These alternative options to spa days out in our treatment rooms offer you everything in the way of a relaxing session, all carried out in the comfort of your very own home!

Every spa day party we arrange is bespoke, planned exactly to the specifications of the customer purchasing the package. So, when you come to us to arrange a special group session for the plans on your calendar, the treatments provided will have been specially selected by you. These will then be provided in your very own familiar surroundings by our friendly, fully qualified therapists. This makes it easy for everyone in your group to take part, especially if one or more of your friends are in the latter stages of pregnancy and cannot travel far in the area.

If you would like to book a spa day pamper party for your group, please speak with us on the phone today. We will be happy to take note of your requirements.

Our Spa Day Deals and Offers

We are delighted to offer a range of membership packages, deals and promotions to our customers. So, if you are interested in anything from becoming a member with all its benefits, to getting a free 30-minute session in our sauna after a 90-minute couples’ massage, browse through our list of deals and offers today.

Why Visit Our Treatment Rooms for a Spa Day?

Spa day in Brighton and HoveWe seek to perfect the art of massage and beauty therapies in the UK, ensuring that every experience is unique and specific to the recipient. We will adapt every treatment you wish to have carried out on your spa day in Brighton and Hove, finely tailoring each procedure to alleviate any concerns and taking care of all your needs. This will all be achieved using the most effective techniques and high-quality products, too, so you may rest (and relax) assured that we are providing you with the exceptional care you deserve.

After Your Spa Day Pampering Session

Once your session has finished, we would highly recommend rest and recuperation, with no strenuous activity of any kind. This includes refraining from exercise, alcohol or cigarettes (we understand this may be difficult if you are on a hen weekend here in Brighton, but trust us, it’s worth it!), drinking plenty of water and eating a light meal or healthy snack to replenish your energies.

It is also suggested that you do not immediately try to head back into a sauna after you have had your session, alongside avoiding home products after you have had a scrub. This should be done for at least 2-3 days. Avoiding harsh sunlight for a few days will also help to protect your skin.

It must also be noted that while it is normal to feel slightly sore the day after you have had a massage, feeling pain several days after your package treatment has concluded is not. If you are experiencing discomfort long after your session, please contact us and let us know. We take pride in our services and we want our customers to have the most beneficial therapeutic experience possible, so we will adapt our techniques as required from there.

Our Locations for Spa Day Massage and Beauty Treatments

Spa in BrightonWhether you are looking to treat yourself or someone else to a lavish spa package or day of beauty in Brighton and Hove, Little Jasmine will be ready and waiting. The ideal pampering session to soothe away all aches and stress may be readily available in any of our treatment rooms across our bustling seaside city. Discover any one of our three separate locations, from Hove’s George Street to the heart of Brighton’s North Laine. You may even consider paying a visit to our newest salon space on Gardner Street, at Simply Urban.

We are easily accessible from every area in Brighton and Hove, no matter if you carry out your regular day in Portslade, Hollingbury or Rottingdean. Our doors will always be open, no matter where you are from in the city or the wider UK, so why not come to us for a day of relaxation that you’ll never forget? As an added treat, each of our spa rooms is nestled in amongst a myriad of delightful shops, cafes and restaurants, so you have the choice of a light brunch or lunch and retail therapy after your time with us.

Speak With Us Today to Book Your Spa Day

Explore our offered packages and consider the treatments we will provide on your well-deserved spa day in Brighton and Hove, before selecting the one that offers you the perfect indulgence. No matter if you are taking some time away from the chaos of everyday life, setting up a spa day for two to share with your significant other, or lining up a fun, East Sussex hen weekend for a stressed-out bride-to-be, Little Jasmine will have just what you need.

Speak with us on the phone to discuss which of our treatments will suit you best, or book online right away if you have already made up your mind. Our friendly staff will be glad to welcome you into our treatment rooms, before ensuring that you receive the spa experience to release all tensions and that sees you smiling.

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