30 min - £ 15

Steam Shower

Enjoy an amazing revitilizing and soothing steam session with our latest technology Eden Steam Shower Cabin.

You can add a sauna session to any of our treatments or enjoy it as part of our new Spa packages, just ask to be added to your session at the time of your booking ( only over the phone). Each session's duration is up to 30 min and incorporates shower time.

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  • Steam Shower
  • 13 Body Shower Jets
  • Overhead Monsoon Shower
  • Foot Massager
  • Ozone Sterilisation
  • Flat Screen Control Panel

Steam Benefits

Steam is a natural source of healing and relaxation and has been used throughout the ages to prevent, cure and relieve. Once only available in commercial establishments such as spas and baths, steam showers are now much more affordable today than they have ever been, allowing more and more people to benefit from powers of steam in their own home.

There are many health benefits associated with the use of steam, a few of which we have detailed below:

Flush the body of unwanted toxins

In today’s lifestyles, our bodies accumulate many chemicals through poor diets and modern day lifestyles, which in the long term can lead to health problems. Sweating is one of the body’s natural ways to rid itself of these unwanted toxins and steam rooms are an effective way to induce sweating to deep cleanse your skin.

Steam showers can improve your skin tone, moisture and clarity

Not only does the steam open your pores to release the toxins, the heat also increases your metabolism and expands the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow throughout your system, of which the skin is included. This allows an increase of essential vitamins, minerals and oxygen to feed the skin, improving its overall clarity and tone, giving you more youthful and radiant skin.

Relieve, relax and rejuvenate

The increase in heat and the amount of blood flowing around the body relaxes muscles and releases the tension built up after a long day. Steam has also been known to give relief to stiff joints and arthritis.

Helps you breathe more easily

Steam is proven to open up your airways and bring relief to inflammation and congestion in the lungs, which can aid sufferers of asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and other lung related allergies.

Help charge up your immune system

An increase in body temperature whilst in the steam shower brings about a similar state to that that is more commonly known as a fever. Fevers are the body’s natural defence for killing off virus’ within the body, as most cannot survive at these heightened temperatures. Also a fever state also increases the production of white blood cells which defend the body against infectious diseases and foreign bodies within the system, the most common one being.