45 mins - £ 45

ErbAsia Eastern Facial Spa Ritual

An exotic ritual experience for women and men bringing escape from the boundaries of everyday life.

Experience our brand new award winning beauty products by ErbAsia at an introductory price of £45.

Ritual Process Steps

  • Seven Pollen Face Cleansing Water - Hibiscus together with Seven Pollen Extract gently cleanse with the unique, no foam formula leaving your skin visibly purified and hydrated.
  • Princess PA Mask - The deep cleansing mask made up of Seven Pollen infused with Yogurt, Milk and Honey gently clears away toxins and impurities inside pores while delivering vital nourishment. Extra mild scrub gently exfoliates and gets rid of dead cells leaving skin feeling soft and more radiant.
  • Seven Pollen Face Balancing Essence - Antioxidant Pomegranate water infused with the beneficial Seven Pollen extract directly corrects skin imbalances and moisture content leaving skin smooth, supple and revitalized, ready to gulp down the essential nourishing feast.
  • Seven Pollen Face Serum - The antioxidant rich Tumeric Extract provides extraordinary revitalizing benefits guarding against the appearance of dull skin and fine lines. Rejuvenated Seven Pollen infused with vitamin rich Germinated Rice offers the absolute skin revival.
  • Seven Pollen Face Cream - The nutrient Germinated rice and botanical Seven Pollen extracted into a soothing new sensation for skin. Full of skin nutrients and energy. Germinated Rice helps stimulate natural skin process of collagen and elastin regeneration, protecting aging skin while its rich formula hydrates without leaving oily residue.
  • Seven Pollen Face Oil - Cold Pressed Mixed Grain Oil combined with Seven Pollen extracted into a blissfully light emollient oil heightens your entire relaxing experience while nourishing your skin. The invigorating massage allows facial skin to relax, encourages skin rejuvenation and enhances the beneficial skincare.

These spa-inspired products have been crafted with thoughtful consideration for every detail, from their unique herbal formulas to their sophisticated sensory feel. Erb delivers an effective range of products for today’s lifestyles.

Erb is the inspiration and creation of its founder, Ms. Pattree Bhakdibuttra, one of Thailand’s leading fashion designers.

Her fascination for herbal remedies inspired Pattree to research Thai culture and traditions further. Studying ancient manuscripts and texts and speaking with traditional Thai herbalist gurus only confirmed her passion for the benefits that Thai herbs can bring and she came to the decision to create a premium natural skincare range, inspired by ancient Thai herbal remedies and rituals.

Erb was launched in the UK in January 2006, following the huge success of Erb in Thailand.

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